tej leo(?), Rx / pharmacists

“Call Off the Invasion/Flydocious Invasion” 

“The Pharmacist v. The Secret Stars (version: to decline)”

“Walking Through”

“The ‘Nice People’ Argument”

“Mr. Annoyatron Brown”

“The King of Time”

“(version: to decline to make some tea)”

“Soon Dubward”

“Set You Free”

“The Northeast Corridor”

“Lui Prima Mobile”

“Friends and Bands”

“Head in the Freezer”

“(version: to decline to take a shower)”

“Congressional Dubcision”

“(version: whisper: courage)”

“Sm 11:11/The Trumpet of the Martians”


“Out of Step ’88!”

Guitar for Jodi

  1. “I Need a Roof”
  2. “Lost on the Way to Load-in”
  3. “The Great Communicator”