I’m not saying this out of some inflated sense of the perceived value of what an interview with me means to a given interviewer or publication, but out of a sense of frustration, personal dignity, and respect for the three guys who I made this last record with, and am currently out on tour with. I will walk away from the next interview that refers to James, Marty, and Chris as a “pick-up band” or suggests that the band changes all the time. I’ve been playing with Chris for 10 YEARS (and he hasn’t SHAVED for the last 7 of them!) Marty for the last THREE, and James has only NOT been in the band for four of the last 11. What does it take to make THIS the narrative that people keep parroting when writing about me and this band?
Too much? I’m too old.


Hey – I’ve been using Soundcloud – I like it! So far I’ve mostly been uploading covers that I’ve tweeted, but I’m also putting up a few other things – the audio of the Tears for Fears cover from this past weekend’s Onion AV Club thing, the original version of “Mourning in America,” and I’ll keep it going with other stuff as I make or find it. There’s finally free internet where we’re staying tonight (the “AmericInn” in Medora, ND), so I’m taking the opportunity to upload some data. (now most of them are downloadble)


…’Cause we’ll be performing a musical number on The Jimmy Fallon Show tonight (check your local listings).


Alright! I will admit: we’re way behind the 8 ball on this one – circumstances being as crazy as they are right now – but we’re still cranking! This is the first draft of songs you should start practicing over the weekend. At the bottom, I’ll add some other *potentials* that we’re hoping to get to, but reserve the right to act w/discretion instead of valor toward.
We’re sweetening the deal a little bit this time, though, by also opening up the floor to do some of our own songs with us. We can play MOST of all of the songs off any TL/Rx record, so we’re gonna cap the sign up sheet at a number, instead of choosing specific titles, BUT there are some stumpers even in our own catalog, so I have to also say, that if you wanted to sing, for instance… “Squeaky Fingers,” it’s probably not gonna happen.
BUT we *may* also open our own catalog up to people who want play the instruments instead of just sing, so theoretically, we could randomly wind up with an entire new band on stage playing “Rude Boys” or something… So get your chops up!
AND I swear by all that is evil and unholy that if you break any of our shit on the eve of our touring, I will bash YOU like a piƱata, and scatter your offal to the sturgeon trolling the grimy floor of the East River!
(but seriously, be careful)
There’ll be somewhere easy to spot with someone friendly to work with starting the sign-up process right at doors, and it’ll be first come, first serve.

TEARS FOR FEARS – Everybody Wants to Rule the World
OUTFIELD – Your Love (we couldn’t not do this one again – it’s too fun to play)
ROD STEWART – Maggie Mae
AC/DC – Dirty Deeds
B52s – Private Idaho
BLACK FLAG – Rise Above
X – We’re Desperate
MISFITS – Anglefuck
THE CLASH – Tommy Gun
THE DEAD KENNEDYS – Nazi Punks Fuck Off
CRASS – Do They Owe us a Living?
FUGAZI -Merchandise
THE JAM – In the City
BLITZ – Someone’s Gonna Die
THE DAMNED – Neat Neat Neat
KELLY CLARKSON – Since you Been Gone

THE BEATLES -Helter Skelter
HUMBLE PIE – 30 Days in the Hole
TENOR SAW – Ring the Alarm
MC5 – American Ruse
HEART – Barracuda
QUEEN – Fat Bottomed Girls
DANZIG – Mother

“Don’t think about it – DO IT!”

Oh – and one last thing to say – since this is celebration of the release of this new album, we want to be able to let some of the people working behind the scenes with us get in on the act, so I have to be honest and tell you up front that 2 or 3 songs might get assigned ahead of time to 2 or 3 super special people in our lives; but I seriously do mean only 2 or 3 (if it happens at all) – I just wanna be up front about the process with you, since you’re all important parts of the equation as well. This is gonna be fun!!


I know, I know, you’re thinking, “What about OUR space, Teddy?”
A legitimate question, to be sure. Without going too much into detail, I ran screaming from ThatPlace a while ago, leaving two decaying units in an already decrepit strip mall, but we’re re-assessing and re-approaching, and we’re going lean and mean this time. As I said in an earlier post, I can’t jump back into the fray and be as engaged as I used to be over there. MyPlace and Facebook will be re-vamped for just this sort of thing – info, streaming, etc., and can hopefully serve as a… “place” for people to connect, if they so choose. But, so yeah – a handy widget, that they offer, now has the full LP and a couple of older tracks streaming. I’ll be building up the track library there as I do it here, over the next couple of weeks (I’m sure I’ll actually get more done on it once I get on the road next week and can settle into a bit of a daily routine). For now, check it: