People buying a limited edition Record Store Day 7″ and trying to flip it on eBay immediately for $15.00.
You know what’s also lame? Complaining about Record Store Day. Of course it’s token, placebo, guilt-reduction therapy for everyone who helped drive record stores into the ground to begin with, but can’t you just let ‘em have this one day to try and drum up awareness and business and do something fun with it? Of course it should be “RECORD STORE DAY EVERY DAY!” But it’s not, and it’s probably never going to be again. So why not complain about the forces that conspired to create a situation in which poor record stores feel they NEED to HAVE Record Store Day, or the forces that have conspired to create the need to have National Poetry Month, Black History Month, etc., etc., etc.?
If one is inclined to hate on something, lord knows there’re plenty of truly deserving places toward which one can direct that hate…

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