SO – a little confusion about the tweets and e-vite that went out today regarding the video shoot vs. the Generation Records instore I’m doing on Thursday.
The video shoot has been brought together xxxtremely quickly, like, seriously just over the last couple of days, and details, are still developing as I write this; but earlier today, it looked like the schedule for shooting the theatre crowd shots we need WAS going to conflict some with the instore.
NOW, the e-vite says filming will be 6-10 PM, and that may yet be the case, and that would then conflict with the instore, BUT, it looks like we might be able to bump it up to 4-6 PM, which would enable everyone who wants to do both things, to do both things, AND to cut down on costs at the particular venue we’re currently talking to, we can only accommodate 100 extras, so the list may fill up, if we’re lucky, relatively soon… ALSO, said venue selection is still slightly in flux, and that may yet change things on all fronts as well.
SO, my advice is to RSVP to the e-vite with whatever your personally most appropriate response is, SO THAT you can be updated through your e-mail about all of these changes and anything that gets nailed down as soon as it happens!
THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST, and I’m sorry that this is all so by the proverbial seats of our pantses (but you’ve probably come to expect that from us by now, no?).
HOPEFULLY see you at both the video shoot AND the instore on Thursday.
Thanks again. xo – T