So, I’ve got a few shows in LA this weekend (hence the title of this blog post). And since they’re all pretty special, please allow me to give you the details, as I’m sure I’d like to see most of you who would want to and could reasonably fit into each respective venue, be there!

SATURDAY February the 19th: Solo acoustic show at the Skybar at the Mondrian Hotel
DETAILS: This is just me, playing acoustic, by a pool, on the roof of a posh hotel in Los Angeles. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, then I think you need to change your… tea… brand.
TICKETS: No tickets for this – it’s free – but you DO HAVE TO RSVP here:
AGE RESTRICTION: This show is, unfortunately, 21+

BUT TO MAKE UP FOR THAT 21+ SHOW, I will be playing a straight-up kids show!
“Straight-up” is probably not the best word to use there…
I will be playing a neat kids show!!
Anyway, here’s the info on that-
SUNDAY February the 20th: Solo kids show at the Eagle Rock Center for the Arts!!
DETAILS: It’s just for kids (and parents/guardians, “booo” – am I right, kids?) with reading by author of awesome books, Dallas Clayton, and other FUN STUFF!!
TICKETS: This, too, is FREE, gratis, free! But for this too, you must RSVP:
Also don’t tell your kids what the first part of that email address means.
AGE RESTRICTION: (Just don’t be a weirdo, o.k.?)

ALSO later that evening… The Grande Finale… It’s like Lollapalooka…
SUNDAY February the 20th: BIG show at the Eagle RockCenter for the Arts
DETAILS: Did you notice I didn’t say “SET TIME,” above? That’s because there’s no specific set time! This show will be a rollicking laugh-riot, wrapped in a pulse-pounding cyber-slam, hidden in a conundrum. I will be hosting and playing music throughout, but oh, what wonders will I be hosting to you – or you to – or just “hosting!”
WE’VE GOT COMEDIANS like my friends, Paul F. Tompkins and Jen Kirkman, as well as all these people I’ve never met, like Jonah Ray, Kumail Nanjani, Nick fuckin’ Flanagan, and the friggin’ Sklar Brothers!
WE’VE GOT ANOTHER MUSICAL SET by my main man Michael Runion!
And the only thing I’d have never said would ever happen in my life if you’d have asked me “What do you think’s gonna happen in your life?” back in 1983…
A QUESTION AND ANSWER SESSION WITH the one, the only, the Keith Morris from the Black Flag, the Circle Jerks, and the OFF!
This will be somewhat free-wheeling, and I want to get some audience participation, so come with questions for both of us!
Or either of us!
TICKETS: (you thought I was gonna forget, didn’t you?) $10.00 -click here-
AGE RESTRICTION: None! It’s all ages! If you’re a bad parent, totally stay with your kids after the kids’ show (as long as you buy an extra ticket for him or her).
Come help us make this thing good!

AND FINALLY, the only OTHER thing I’d have never said would happen in my life, etc… (before last fall, anyway)…
WEDNESDAY February the 23rd: Solo show @ The Barn at UC Riverside
DETAILS: Well, notice I didn’t say “SET TIME” again? That’s because KEVIN GODDAMNED SECONDS is playing this show with me!! You heard that right, you jerks! (not you)
We had the pleasure of traveling through the South West with Mr. Seconds last fall, it was amazing, and I am honored to be doing it again. Will we work out some harmonies for an old 7 Seconds tune? You’ll find out…

After that, on to SF!


I was pleasantly surprised at how little surprise my made up face and mashed down hair engendered in the rest of the Mexican restaurant we were getting dinner at between the daytime shoot at Death by Audio and the nighttime shoot at Seaside Lounge Studio (which always feels like a return home to me, since we made the last album there in 2010). If I remember correctly, Tom actually didn’t come in because he’d fallen asleep in the car on the way there, and since that 15 minutes was about the most he’d gotten in days, he elected to just stay there and get another 45, if possible. And all those luminaries of the comedic acting and writing world you see in the video? I’ve known some of them for a while, and met some just on this shoot, and if you think you trust my judgment at all, then believe me when I tell you that each and every one is every bit as “awesome” as you imagine or want each and every one of them to be.
One amazing thing about working with Tom and the crew he put together, especially producers Rob “Hatch” Miller and Puloma Basu, is their incredible attention to detail on the fly – the kind of stuff that seems almost pointless to worry about, but that gives those involved so much almost childish (in a good way) giddy glee to know is “there,” whether it gets noticed or not. I’m thinking of things like all the stuff written and stuck on the “punk wall” in the “Bottled in Cork” video, me scooping cold baked beans into my mouth in the “Colleen” video, and in this case, the “Billboard charts” that The New Pornographers’ “Moves” top twice. If you’re a fan of Tom’s Best Show on WFMU at all, you might recognize some or all of the band and artist names, and for a deep fan, like myself, I keep catching a glimpse of a gem here or there that hits me the right way and I chuckle about it for days. I’m currently fixated on the Bernie Taupin’s Music Tarp version of “Island Girl,” one of the most questionable songs in the Bernie Taupin/Elton John catalog.
Hatch wrote up the full list of charting songs, and I thought I’d share them with you (I guess this means we have to write a GG Allin tribute ASAP). Oh, and if you’re NOT a fan of Tom’s The Best Show on WFMU, to quote Paul Stanley, “hWhai?“:

Moves – The New Pornographers
Here To Stay – Denim Clad Dad
Getting’ Loose Now – Mother 13
We Won’t Forget You (GG’s Song) -Ted Leo and the Pharmacists
Rock ‘n Roll Dreams’ll Come Through – Gas Station Dogs
Baby Don’t Count Me Out – Mick Nick Pick Mick Nick
White People Ain’t Sh*t – Superchunk
Daddy Don’t Like No Sugar (In His Tea) – The Stanley Steamerz
Get Fudged – T Pup ft Dorff Da Golfa
Living Years ’11 – Norse Savage w/ Mike Rutherford
Street Fighter – Sparkiepop
(I Wuz) Robbed – The Maybe
Island Girl – Bernie Taupin’s Music Tarp
Miss Me Much – Larry Neville and The Fun
It Ain’t Dead – I Love You, The Ghost Of Ann B. Davis

Moves Pt. 2 – The New Pornographers
Secret Dancer – Pout
Good Fellows – Rapp Da Rappa w/ Dr. Fill
Keep Poppin’ – The Wednesday Rockets
Fishtown Stomp – Kurt Vile
Disco Nights – Aimee Mann
Don’t Snake Me Baby – We Are Dinosaurs NOW!
Jammin’ On Jamaica Beach – I-Ron’s Reggae Challenge
Quite A Powerful Love – The Hey Now
We All Hate Each Other – F*cked Up
Daddy’s Dawgie (Don’t Bite) – Ted Jacobs and The Now
Montreal Chronic – No Joy
Hardcore Lovin’ – Threat To Society
Chasing After Your Heart (And Love) – White Tyger
Stab Your Face – The Gas Station Dogs Minus Barry Dworkin


I can’t wait for this movie. The one that the trailer after it is for, looks o.k., too.