Formless at the beginning, then gathering shape as they pass from the other world into this, the dark shadows congeal into blackened forms of ancient hate, and gather in the hoarfrost of the primeval forest to worship at the foot of the Tree of Wights, droning their nameless and wordless chants until the tree, itself, release the spirits of the damned, stored in its cold waves of wood, freeing them for this one night of their accursed, screaming eternity, to vent their aeons of torture upon a still sleeping world of humans.


Here you go, @manateeRfriends. It’s obviously by no means complete, but it’s the best I could manage this morning. I pulled what I could from Youtube, and recorded a couple of junky versions of two songs I wanted to include but couldn’t find by the original artists. You’re gonna be awesome, and you’re gonna ace your exams!!

First, you’re gonna keep doing the right thing by calling on your friends and taking solace in music!
Dexy’s Midnight Runners, “Plan B”

Then, you’re gonna remember that, though there may be wet road ahead, you cannot slip!
Curtis Mayfield, “Move on Up”

Then you’re gonna realize that nobody hurts you harder than yourself (which means the others have no power)!
Graham Parker, “Nobody Hurts You”

So you’re gonna take a look in the mirror and say “I’m GOOD, and good things don’t come easy – I’m worth working for!”
Irma Thomas, “Good Things Don’t Come Easy”

Then, you’re gonna LISTEN TO ME, when I tell you, “you need to be free!”
Urge Overkill, “Dropout”

And, by now, you’re thinking, “I’m picking myself up from under this table!”
Thin Lizzy, “Fighting my Way Back”

Next, you’re gonna be like, “Yo – bunk this mess – I’m movin’ on!”
Joe Crow, “Compulsion”

And then you REALIZE, “Dag, yo – I can do ANYTHING I wanna DO!”
Eddie and the Hot Rods, “Do Anything You Wanna Do”

So, then you’re all, “No time for standing still – there’s another void (somewhere) that I can fill!”
Descendents, “Ace”

So you get through that, and you’re like, “That was a pretty rough day, but I made it through – time to celebrate with the people who care and who helped!”
Depeche Mode, “Black Celebration”

Then you settle down, and you think about tomorrow, and how it’s a new day and all that, and you feel this rough patch passing already.
George Harrison, “All Things Must pass”

The you wake up the next day, and you’re like, “You know what? This is a friggin’ blip on the radar! I got my whole life ahead of me and deeper and more important things to come. That crap was a tiny rivulet – I’m sailin’ the goddamned SEA!”
The Waterboys, “This is the Sea”

Then you remember, “Oh snap – Ted Leo actually recorded two songs really crappily right into his laptop mic yesterday morning for me because he wanted to include them, but couldn’t find them on Youtube!” And you listen, and you get psyched.
Matthew Sweet, “Get Older”
Matthew Sweet’s “Get Older” by tedleo

Ciaran Murphy, “Tomorrow Belongs to You”
Ciaran Murphy’s “Tomorrow Belongs to You” by tedleo

And tomorrow, once again, belongs to you.


Long story short: Vance the Puppet, a couple of Twitter followers, (and my own proclivities) led me down a worm-hole from 11 PM to 3 AM last night. If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve witnessed the carnage. The upshot of it all, is that there were *WAY* too many bands that used “heavy Hammond” and wound up sounding like Uriah Heep throwaways, but there WERE some gems. Here’re a few that I hit on last night:

The Way We Live, “King Dick II”

New Lords, “Power”

18 Karat Gold, “Flying”

High Tide, “Death Warmed Up”

Pärson Sound, “India (slight return)”

Life, “Sailing in The Sunshine”

Poe, “Tune In”

Lucifer Was, “Teddy’s Sorrow”
(And indeed, it is my sorrow that I had to include it)

A to Austr, “Thumbquakes and Earthscrew”