NEW PLAN – help us finish out the 10th anniversary year of the release of “The Tyranny of Distance” (released in May 2001) by joining us for a concert at one of our homes away from all our homes, the Black Cat, in the city where the album was made, Washington, DC, on Sunday, April 29th! We will be performing a full set of career-spanning material that will include a final performance of the “Tyranny” LP in its entirety; but THAT’S NOT ALL – original album engineer Brendan Canty (Deadline, Brief Weeds) will be making a PROFESSIONAL CONCERT FILM of the whole thing for us to do something with at some point in the not too distant future. So please come – sing along, clap out of time, get the back of your head (or your front from the waist up) in the film – I don’t think I’m jinxing it when I say this will be a really good night. –TICKETS HERE

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