As we’ve taked about here before, for [x] amount of years, and for any number of reasons, I’ve always tried to play some kind of free outdoor show in NYC during the summer. This year, for a lot of reasons, it looked like it wasn’t going to happen. There were a few other ideas that we couldn’t really pull together, the Pharmacists are off in varied and sundry directions, and I’m trying very hard to stay focused and keep writing new stuff while I have the chance, as I do have a couple of solo tours coming up in the fall – one in Europe and one in the States.
But now, thankfully, it turns out that I’ll be playing a solo set in Prospect Park THIS FRIDAY, AUG. 3, before old friends Wild Flag, and Mission of Burma.
It’s all ages, doors are at 6:00, and I play at 7.
Celebrate Brokelyn with free music!


*UPDATE* I received a very kind and heartfelt apology from the producer I’d been working with at Radiolab, and I wanted to acknowledge that publicly and let you all know that there are very few hard feelings. For all intents and purposes, we (meaning all of us, including you, you crazy diamond) should consider this episode as the proverbial WATER UNDER THE BRIDGE!
A producer at Radiolab emailed me asking if I’d contribute two songs dealing with “color” in some way, for a show they were doing on the theme. I spent some time learning and recording the songs I chose and sent them along. I was told they sounded “great,” and then never heard anything else about it. The show aired this past week with many songs from other musicians, but without mine, which I only realized by listening to the show, as I am generally a fan, and listen often. Fan or not, though, I thought this was kind of shabby. So, there – I’ve gotten my annoyed rant out of my system, and, if you’re interested, you can hear my take on Donovan’s “Wear Your Love Like Heaven,” one of the songs I submitted, here instead. And now updated to include my take on Tom Jones’ take on Calude “Curly” Putman Jr.’s “Green Green Grass of Home”!!