…MOVED TO WEDNESDAY. All tickets will be honored.
As of 10:30 AM, no crazy storm conditions in NYC yet, but every river and canal around is slowly breaching its walls and gradually filling local streets. Ominous. Very spooky.
Thankfully Bowery made the responsible call in canceling tonight’s show. If you live within walking distance and were planning on coming, I’m sorry, and I hope you can make it on Wednesday. If you were planning on waiting to see what the weather was like before driving, I appreciate your commitment, but I’m also glad you won’t be risking your neck to come see Aimee and I play. If you were planning on taking the subway, well you have my sympathy – I was, too, and I don’t think it would have been fair to continue with the show, even if the sun had come out and the storm had completely passed us by, when so many potential ticket holders would’ve been denied access due to the public transportation stoppage.
So, best of a bad situation – hopefully Tuesday at Music Hall will go off without incident, and hopefully you can make it to the Bowery on Wednesday.

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