FREE SHOW WITH LIZ PHAIR at Celebrate Brooklyn at the end of June, a couple of solo things (including a long “evening with” at the small but dramatic Top Note Theater in Chicago), and a new run of full band shows in August. Cleveland and Pittsburgh… remember how I basically Lemmy’d my way through our shows there last time through (2017)? I’m gonna sing my sweetest for you this time around. All August dates with Control Top!

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Though I think we always thought of it as a podcast (I’m certain we always refered to it as such), I guess we have the people at Maximum Fun to thank for this actually BEING a podcast, more than anyone, since when we started recording conversations with some friends and acquaintances we admire about how they work, why they do what they do, what art is even for, especially in these mean times, etc., we had no real plan. Over the last year of being on the road, when we’d find ourselves together, we were just trying to grab an hour, pulling out our clunky Shure 58s (Shure - get at us) and begging people to try to handle them as quietly as possible (even with the poofy foam pop filters that professional Paul F. Tompkins kindly forced us to take from him after our sit down), while recording into my laptop with the battery that won’t hold a charge and the track pad that doesn’t work. We talked to a broad array of people from many backgrounds and many regions of the creative spectrum, including musicians, of course, but also comedians, speechwriters, screenwriters, illustrators, painters, authors, directors, producers, and more than a few who maybe lean one way or another, but are ultimately pretty hard to categorize. It was fascinating and fun for us, but, done sporadically over the course of pretty much the entirety of 2018, it wasn’t until we looked back recently at the body of interviews we’d collected, that it seemed like something real, that made sense and hung together as a series. It hasn’t been an easy time for many among us, and one of our selfish goals was to learn from those we admire how they remain creative while navigating the labyrinth of abandon, depression, elation, inspiration, and most importantly for us, work, structures, “process.” We hope you’ll find it entertaining, and if it’s even just a little bit as enlightening for you as it’s been for us, then… WE’LL KEEP GOING?? There’ll be TWO debut episodes, one with Wyatt Cenac and one with Rebecca Sugar, released on Monday, January 28, with successive episodes coming every OTHER Monday thereafter. You can click on the image above to get to it on iTunes, but you can also listen and subscribe at Stitcher (I’m a Stitchy-preem person, myself), or wherever you get your podcasts.


The Hanged Man Track List 

Moon Out of Phase

Used To Believe

Can’t Go Back

The Future

William Weld in the 21st Century

The Nazerene

Run to the City

Gray Havens

Make Me Feel Loved

The Little Smug Supper Club

Anthems of None

You’re Like Me

Lonsdale Avenue

Let’s Stay On the Moon

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Illustrations by Emil Ferris, art direction by Gail Marowitz.

Illustrations by Emil Ferris, art direction by Gail Marowitz.